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GOFC-GOLD Activities

GOFC GOLD is involved in the following international projects and initiatives:

ESA Land Cover Climate Change Initiative: The LC CCI is concerned with the generation of land cover Essential Climate Variables (ECV). GOFC-GOLD participates in the user requirement surveys and the accuracy assessment of the products.
The GOFC-GOLD LC Project Office leads the R&D Coordination component of the Global Forest Observations Initiative
Group on Earth Observations: Coordination of the Global Land Cover Task
Global Climate Observing System: Implementing the UNFCCC plan for systematic research and observations of essential climate variables including land cover and fire
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Coordination of a special working group on forest monitoring for reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries
ESA-GLOBCOVER Project: Participation in ongoing global mapping for increasing detail and accuracy of existing maps
Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA): GOFC-GOLD to support the FRA 2010
Harmonization & Validation Initiative: Activities towards synergy and improved usability of land cover products
Northern Eurasian Earth Science Partnership Initiative: The land cover project office acts as land cover focus office