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NEESPI Focus Research Center for Land Cover Studies

NEESPI - the Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative was established to develop a large-scale, interdisciplinary program of funded research aimed at developing a better understanding of the interactions between the ecosystem, atmosphere, and human dynamics in northern Eurasia in support of international science programs with particular relevance to Global climate change research interests and government agency funding priorities. The long range goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Northern Eurasian terrestrial ecosystem dynamics, biogeochemical cycles, surface energy and water cycles, and human activities and how they interact with and alter the biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the Earth.

The Department of Earth Observation at the FSU Jena acts as one of the NEESPI Focus Research Centers for Land Cover Studies. The following projects and activities directly contribute to NEESPI progress:


  SIB-ESS-C - SIBeria-II Earth System Science Cluster
  ESA Forest Dragon project
  IRIS - Irkutsk Regional Information System for Enviromental Protection 
  GMES - Russia: Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
  GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Implementation Team Project Office
  GSE - Forest Monitoring in Russia (Stage 2)
  SIBERIA-II Multi-Sensor Concepts for Greenhouse Gas Accounting of Northern Eurasia
  SIBERIA: SAR Imaging for Boreal Ecology and Radar Interferometry Applicatio
  GSE - Forest Monitoring in Russia (Stage 1)