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Since the Montreal climate convention in December 2005, discussions are underway within the UNFCCC on the feasibility of compensation for developing countries to reduce deforestation. The convention has asked for input on issues relating to reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries, focusing on relevant scientific, technical and methodological issues.

Following this need, GOFC-GOLD as panel of the Global Terrestrial Observing System of the United Nations (GTOS) has established an ad hoc working group on this issue in fall 2005. The role of the GOFC-GOLD is to provide technical guidance on current and future capabilities for monitoring deforestation within the context of these discussions.


The working group has developed the REDD Sourcebook, providing technical guidance on national forest monitoring and carbon accounting. Information and sourcebook download: here

At UNFCCC COP-14 (December 2008 in Poznan, Poland), the GOFC-GOLD Working Group held a Side Event hosted by PNG. During the event, members of the working group informed about the development of the second version of the Sourcebook that is planned to be presented at SBSTA-30, in June 2009.

Working Group activities

GOFC-GOLD Workshops
Apr 2007
St. Cruz, Bolivia
Measuring and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation in developing countries: info
Mar 2006
Jena, Germany
Monitoring Tropical Deforestation for Compensated Reductions: info
UNFCCC Interaction
December 2008, Poznan, Poland
GOFC-GOLD Side Event: "Monitoring REDD using the GOFC-GOLD Sourcebook: practical examples for data collection"

Presentations and agenda: info
Jun 2008
Bonn, Germany
GTOS/GOFC-GOLD Side Event "GOFC-GOLD sourcebook as technical guidance for REDD implementation: update and prospects"
Jun 2008
Tokyo, Japan
Participation at UNFCCC Workshop on Methodological Issues related to REDD: info
Dec 2007
Bali, Indonesia
Winrock International/GOFC-GOLD/TNT Side Event "REDD preparedness: a sourcebook for high quality and cost effective estimation": ENB on the side, Issue: 8 Dec 2007

GOFC-GOLD Side Event at CIFOR Forest Day: "Evolving a technical sourcebook for REDD implementation activities": info
May 2007
Bonn, Germany
ESA/GOFC-GOLD Side Event: info
Nov 2006
Nairobi, Kenya
ESA/GOFC-GOLD Side Event: info

Related documents

GOFC-GOLD Report Series Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Deforestation in Developing Countries: Considerations for Monitoring and Measuring. GOFC-GOLD Report Series 26 (2006)
UNFCCC Submission GTOS/GOFC-GOLD Submission on RED-DC (Feb 2007)
Papers published by the working group DeFries et al. (2007): Earth observations for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation in developing countries. Environmental Science & Policy 10 (4): 385-394, (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.envsci.2007.01.010)
Special issue on Tropical Deforestation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the open-access journal Environmental Research Letters.

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