GOFC-GOLD presents at UNFCCC/SBSTA Workshop on Methodological Issues relating to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries

25 – 27 June 2008 in Tokyo, Japan

In preparation of the UNFCCC SBSTA 29 and COP 14, a methodological workshop was held from 25-27 June, in Tokyo, addressing outstanding methodological issues relating to the topic of REDD. Presentations were given by international experts, by countries explaining their experiences in building REDD national forest monitoring and carbon accounting systems, and by relevant UN agencies.

The UNFCCC secretariat invited members of the GOFC-GOLD REDD working group to participate in the meeting and reported on progress in the development of the GOFC-GOLD REDD Sourcebook. An updated version of the sourcebook has been prepared and presented in Tokyo. In general, the sourcebook has been recognized as valuable contribution to the UNFCCC REDD methodological discussions.

The GOFC-GOLD team members present supported the technical discussions and helped to evolve a suitable level of consensus on methodological approaches for REDD. Many participants felt confident that even countries with currently limited levels of capacity should be able to develop National Carbon Accounting Systems within reasonable amount of time and resources.

Besides emphasizing technical consensus covered in the sourcebook, GOFC-GOLD highlighted the importance of ensuring continuity and consistency in baseline satellite observations and suitable data distribution systems on the regional level. The subsequent activities of GOFC-GOLD and the new GEO initiative on forest monitoring for tracking carbon have been brought to the attention of the UNFCCC country negotiators.

For more information please consult the following weblinks:

Presentations available at the UNFCCC workshop website

  • Frédéric Achard: "Deforestation in tropical countries: Use of remote sensing in detecting and monitoring forest area changes and changes in biomass"
  • Sandra Brown: "Ground-based forest inventories in tropical countries - methodologies and practical examples"
  • Martin Herold: "Methodologies and techniques for estimating and monitoring emissions from deforestation: Sourcebook on REDD methodologies"
Workshop summary report: Earth Negotiations Bulletin (Vol. 12, No. 376): html | pdf

Figure: Framework of issues addressed in the presentation of the GOFC-GOLD REDD Sourcebook during the workshop in Tokyo


Martin Herold of the land cover project office during his presentation of the GOFC-GOLD REDD Sourcebook

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