1st GOFC-GOLD Workshop on Monitoring tropical deforestation

“Monitoring tropical deforestation for compensated reductions"

21-22 March 2006, Jena, Germany

This first GOFC-GOLD workshop brought together a neutral international advisory group of more than 30 key experts in the field of tropical deforestation, earth observation, and UNFCCC implementation. Recognizing the UNFCCC decisions, the workshop participants developed a consensus and concerted response on the technical feasibility of space-based monitoring of deforestation and reduced carbon emissions in a transparent, timely and cost-effective manner. The participants agreed that changes in forest area can be monitored from space with confidence. A related technical protocol was developed as result of the workshop and submitted for consideration to the UNFCCC.

For more information on the workshop and its outcomes:

  Workshop report Jan 2007 Download (345 Kb)
  Technical guideline for monitoring deforestation August 2006 Download (5.214 Kb)
  Agenda and presentations April 2006
  List of participants April 2006
  Documents distributed prior to workshop April 2006
  Related presentations May 2006

Bad Blumau workshop (presentation pdf)

SBSTA24 side event (presentation pdf)

  Workshop impressions in preparation