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AFOLU and the UNFCCC global stocktake

Based on CEOS SIT proposal on improved Land Cover, Forest, Wetlands and Change data for the COP26 and UNFCCC Global Stocktake, we have put forward a list of ongoing efforts and products that would be suitable for assessments in time for the COP. As we understand, this has been favorably received by CEOS agencies but there is a need to jointly discuss the intended datasets, their progress and development towards COP 26, and identify additional resources for such efforts. This meeting, therefore, aims to develop a common understanding and workplan to support the CEOS Stocktake efforts and could be practically implemented, incl. options when additional resources would become available.
The aims are therefore to:

  • Reflect on the policy needs and existing support for this effort (GST)
  • Review the available relevant datasets and activities
  • Get an overview and update on the key contributing/ proposed activities
  • Identify the additional work, and required resources (and potential sources), and build a workplan, and technical approaches towards starting the implementation soon

First expert meeting Monday 10th May - 15:00 – 17.00 CEST

Second expert meeting - tbc.