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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation
in developing countries

A sourcebook of methods and procedures for monitoring measuring and reporting

The UNFCCC negotiations and related country submissions on REDD in 2005-2007 have advocated that methodologies and tools become available for estimating emissions from deforestation with an acceptable level of certainty. Based on the current status of negotiations and UNFCCC approved methodologies, this sourcebook aims to provide additional explanation, clarification, and methodologies to support REDD early actions and readiness mechanisms for building national REDD monitoring systems.

The book emphasizes the role of satellite remote sensing as an important tool for monitoring changes in forest cover, and provides clarification on the IPCC Guidelines for reporting changes in forest carbon stocks at the national level. It is the outcome of an ad-hoc REDD working group of GOFC-GOLD that has been active since the initiation of the UNFCCC REDD process in 2005. It provides a consensus perspective from the global community of earth observation and carbon experts on methodological issues relating to quantifying carbon impacts of implementation activities to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation in developing countries (REDD).

:: Comparative assessment of Country Capacities for REDD monitoring ::

In partnership with the Government of Norway, the PRP commissioned GOFC-GOLD to carry out a study to understand what information, expertise, equipment and infrastructure is required to effectively monitor the world s tropical forests. The study examines the current monitoring and reporting capabilities and the availability of remote sensing data in 99 non-Annex 1 countries and makes specific recommendations for rolling out capacity building activities. Get a copy of the report here.


In memoriam: Dr. Sandra Brown (1944-2017)

Dr. Sandra Brown, editor and contributor to the REDD+ Sourcebook, died peacefully on Monday, February 13, 2017, at her home in Wales. Sandra made a significant contribution to GOFC-GOLD and played a leading role in many projects. A dedication to her can be found in recognition of her work as director of Winrock's Ecosystem Services Unit.

Sourcebook Download Version UNFCCC COP 22 (December 2016)

This is the COP 22 Version 1 of the Sourcebook. Further methods and technical details can be specified and added with evolving political negotiations and decisions.

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A number of international experts in remote sensing and carbon measurement and accounting have contributed to the development of this sourcebook and are thankfully acknowledged for their support (in alphabetical order):

Core Editorial team

Frédéric Achard, Luigi Boschetti, Sandra Brown, Michael Brady, Ruth DeFries, Giacomo Grassi, Martin Herold, Danilo Mollicone, Brice Mora, Devendra Pandey, Carlos Souza Jr.


Olivier Arino, John Armston, Gregory P. Asner, Luigi Boschetti, Barbara Braatz, Kim Calders, Emilio Chiuvieco, Ivan Csiszar, Mark Cutler, Mathias Disney, Laura Duncanson, Takahiro Endo, Sandra Englhart, Michael Falkowski, Sandro Federici, Jonas Franke, Scott Goetz, Nancy Harris, Yasumasa Hirata, Dirk Hoekman, Anja A. Hoffman, Bernardus de Jong, Hans Joosten, Chris Justice, Josef Kellndorfer, Stephen Kull, Werner Kurz, Patrick van Laake, Eric Lambin, Richard Lucas, Mike McCall, Ronald McRoberts, Suvi Monni, Rebecca Moore, Erik Nćsset, Ross Nelson, Glenn Newnham, Yosio Edemir Shimabukuro, Marc Paganini, Ian Paynter, Tim Pearson, Jim Penman, Gary Richards, Ake Rosenqvist, David Roy, Jeremy Russell-Smith, Crystal Schaaf, Florian Siegert, David Shoch, Margaret Skutsch, Svein Solberg, Allan Spessa, Michael Wulder.


ESA, TNC, NRCAN/CFS, NASA, START, and CSA are acknowledged for their support of the GOFC-GOLD REDD working group and financial contributions to prepare this sourcebook.