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Consolidated GLC 2000 reference dataset


The proposed dataset is the result of a consolidation work realised on the original GLC 2000 dataset. This work was realised as follows: first, 10% of all samples were randomly selected and reinterpreted using Landsat scenes. Around 95% of the samples were equal to the class description found in the reference database. Second, the consolidation procedure was made on the entire database (1265 samples) using Landsat data and very high spatial resolution imagery when available (via Google Earth). The objective was to verify the new AGL11* class assignment was correct. Note it was not intended to reinterpret the land cover classifiers for the each sample of the database. However all samples identified as problematic at step 1 (10%-sub dataset) were reinterpreted. A final dataset of 1253 samples was finally provided, 12 samples being discarded since available information for their correct interpretation was found insufficient.
Note: more detailed information will be made available in a paper currently under review.

* AGL 11 = Aggregated Generalised Legend (11 classes):
1 Evergreen Needleleaf Trees; 2 Evergreen Broadleaf Trees; 3 Deciduous Needleleaf Trees; 4 Deciduous Broadleaf Trees; 5 Mixed/Other Trees; 6 Shrubs; 7 Herbaceous vegetation; 8 Cultivated and managed vegetation / agriculture (incl. mixtures); 9 Other shrub/herbaceous vegetation; 10 Other Land (Urban, open Water, Snow and Ice); 11 Barren

Original non-consolidated GLC 2000 dataset can be accessed here:

BARTHOLOME, E. M. and BELWARD A. S., 2005, GLC2000; a new approach to global land cover mapping from Earth Observation data, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 26, 1959 - 1977

Access to the data

We provide an acces to a subset of the consolidated dataset. A stratified (by class legend) random selection of 70% of the samples has been done.
Each sample plot is described by its ID, the X and Y coordinates of the centroid point (WGS84, in decimal degrees) and the AGL class number. You can download this dataset in different formats via the buttons provided at the bottom of this page.

Spatial distribution of the randomly selected sample plots of the GLC 2000 dataset available on the the portal

Download data: