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GFOI R&D and GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Science Meeting
3rd Expert workshop on lessons learned from Accuracy Assessments in the context of REDD+: Uncertainties of emission factors and biomass maps


Bilbao, Spain

12-14 February, 2018


Organized by:

The GFOI R&D Coordination component, the GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Office, and the Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3)

Background and information

The background information on the meeting can be found in the announcement.

Workshop objectives

the overall aim is to provide improved guidance on accuracy assessments in the context of REDD+. In particular, the workshop will provide guidance to practitioners to meet the IPCC good practice criteria related to bias and uncertainty in estimates of emissions factors. Drawing from previous meetings, we aim specifically to:

  • Assess current issues with estimation of emission factors and emissions in REDD+ capacity development and implementation programs (i.e. Worldbank FCPF, UN-REDD, bilaterals). This includes the review of country cases
  • Present and discuss the status quo on approaches and experiences in assessing the uncertainty of biomass maps and emission factors, including:
  • Discuss biomass data sources the issues related to uncertainty assessments
  • Identify the components requiring attention (determining the uncertainty of EFs) i.e. biomass, allometry, BCEF, root/shoot, and their sources, for example measurement uncertainty.
  • Discuss how global / regional / pantropical biomass maps can be used to increase precision in national estimates In particular for countries that do not have a designedbased/probabilistic sample NFI and for countries that do not have any data
  • Define needs to construct a new biomass map to improve IPCC-compliant estimates
  • Provide guidance on the estimation and propagation (including through Monte Carlo simulations) of uncertainty related to both activity data and emissions factors towards including it in the next MGD
  • Discuss issues for GFOI R&D synthesis related to EFs and for contributions to 2019 methodological refinement of the IPCC GPG

Minutes from meeting including presentations

The presentations from the meeting can be found in the Minutes document.


Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3)
Center for International Forest Research (CIFOR)
European Space Agency (ESA)
GFOI R&D Coordination component
GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Office
US Silvacarbon Program
Wageningen University
World Bank FCPF

Organizing Committee

Maria Sanz Sanchez (BC3)
Martin Herold and Sarah Carter (GFOI, GOFC-GOLD)


Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3)
Bilbao, Spain