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December 2018

24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Venue: Katowice, Poland
Date: 3-14 December
Web page: http://cop24.gov.pl/

Global Landscapes Forum

Venue: Bonn, Germany
Date: 1-2 December
Web page: https://events.globallandscapesforum.org/bonn-2018/

October 2018

Copernicus Global Land User Conference

Venue: Toulouse, France
Date: 23-25 October
Web page: https://events.uliege.be/copernicusgloballand/programme/

Inter-agency and Expert Group on SDG indicators - Working Group on Geospatial Information

Venue: Online meeting
Date: 5 October
Web page: https://unstats.un.org/sdgs/iaeg-sdgs/

September 2018

GOFC-GOLD / GFOI expert workshop on Accuracy Assessments

Venue: Paris, France
Date: 27-28 September
Web page: http://www.gofcgold.wur.nl/sites/gofcgold-gfoi_sciencemeetingParisAccuracy2018.php

1st User Workshop of ESA's CCI BIOMASS Project

Venue: Paris, France
Date: 25-26 September
Web page: http://cci.esa.int/

August 2018

SDG-Conference: Towards Zero Hunger - Partnerships for impact

Venue: Wageningen, The Netherlands
Date: 30-31 August
Web page: https://www.wur.nl/en/Research-Results/Sustainable-development-goals/SDG-Conference-Towards-Zero-Hunger.htm

July 2018

GOFC-GOLD at GFOI Data Component meeting

Venue: Tokyo, Japan
Date: 2-3 July
Web page: http://www.gfoi.org/

GOFC-GOLD / GFOI Early Warning Working Group meeting

Venue: Lima, Peru
Date: 9-10 July
Web page: http://www.gfoi.org/
Outputs / documents: Activities and research priorities related to Early Warning Forest Monitoring: GFOI R&D Coordination Component 2018

June 2018

Oslo Tropical Forest Forum - Oslo REDD+ Exchange

Venue: Oslo, Norway
Date: 27-28 June
Web page: https://www.norad.no/en/front/events/oslo-tropical-forest-forum-2018/

GEO Symposium (GOFC-GOLD participation in Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Interim Implementation Committee meeting)

Venue: GOFC-GOLD online participation
Date: 11-12 June - LDN meeting 13 June by online participation
Web page: https://www.earthobservations.org/me_201806_wps.php

Eumetsat Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites - 46 meeting (WG II)

Venue: GOFC-GOLD online participation
Date: 4-5 June
Web page: https://www.cgms-info.org/agendas/agendas/CGMS-46

March 2018

IAEG-SDGs: Working Group on Geospatial Information

Venue: Online Meeting
Date: 28 March
Web page: http://ggim.un.org/UNGGIM-wg6/

The Twentieth Session of the Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate (TOPC-20)

Venue: Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 19-21 March
Web page: http://gcos.wmo.int

GOFC-GOLD GFOI R&D component at GFOI Plenary 2018

Venue: Bogota, Colombia
Date: 12-15 March
Web page: http://www.gfoi.org/, and the GFOI R&D component meeting notes are here

February 2018

GOFC-GOLD / GFOI expert workshop on Accuracy Assessments

Venue: Bilbao, Spain
Date: 12-14 February
Web page: http://www.gofcgold.wur.nl/sites/gofcgold-gfoi_sciencemeetingBilbaoAccuracy2018.php