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November 2013

UNFCCC Conference of Parties 19

Venue: Warsaw, Poland
Date: November 11-22
Web page: http://unfccc.int/meetings/warsaw_nov_2013/meeting/7649.php

October 2013

CARIN Regional Network Workshop

Venue: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Date: October
Contact: Olga Krankina

September 2013

The Living Planet Symposium

Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: 9-13 September
Contact: ESA

June 2013

International Workshop on Higher Resolution Land Cover Mapping for the African Continent

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya
Date: 25-27 June,
Contact: Lu Liang

GlobWetland III User Consultation

Venue: ESRIN, Frascati, Italy
Date: 10-13 June
Contact: ESA & RAMSAR convention

Miombo workshop: a platform to build informed action for the miombo woodlands of southern Africa

Venue: Maputo, Mozambique
Date: June
Contact: Anja Hoffmann

Impact of GHG's and Aerosols in the Asian region, and SEARRIN workshop

Venue: Japan
Date: June
Contact: Krishna Vadrevu

Trans-Atlantic training on LCLUC-related topics (SCERIN meeting)

Venue: Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 17-21 June
Contact: Garik Gutman

April 2013

GOFC-GOLD Symposium

Venue: Wageningen, Netherlands
Date: 15-19 April
Contact: Brice Mora
Web page: Gofcgold Symposium 2013

February 2013

SAFNet meeting

Venue: Tanzania
Date: February
Contact: Anja Hoffmann

January 2013

LCLUC ST meeting, with S. Asia RN meeting

Venue: Calicut and Coimbatore, India
Date: 6-14 January
Contact: Krishna Vadrevu